To say the year 2020 transformed our relationship with the home would be an understatement. In 2021, interior design trends are responding to this change, with an extra emphasis being placed on comfort, charm and creating a warm and calming atmosphere. This is certainly the case in the bathroom – one of the most intimate areas of the home. It’s in this space that we get ready at the start of the day and take time to relax after a busy workday.

Here are 5 top bespoke bathrooms trends we expect to be big in 2021.

1. Timber accents 

Traditionally, bathrooms have featured a simple white colour palette, sleek surfaces and focused on minimalism. But this kind of design can often feel cold and clinical and after a year spent indoors, we’re seeing home design move towards more natural textures which reflect the outdoors.

In 2021, we think this will translate to more bathrooms incorporating timber. This could be in the form of a simple timber vanity or an entire timber feature wall. Timber helps create a soothing and warm atmosphere, which contrasts perfectly with more traditional and colder elements of a bathroom.

2. Textured surfaces

Tactical and dynamic, textured surfaces add interest and excitement to any space. This type of design also recalls the 1970s when design was more focused on curves and shapes as opposed to sleek, clean lines.

Texture can be achieved through a range of different materials – timber, tiles and glass all add great texture to a bathroom and can be installed in creative patterns and styles to match your design.

3. Bringing in the outdoors 

Similar to the rise of timber in the bathroom, interior designers and builders are looking at more ways to bring the outdoors into the home, and this includes the bathroom. With discretion a top priority in this space, many are opting for large skylights and windows so clients can enjoy natural light and views, without compromising on privacy.

We’re also expecting to see more natural greenery brought indoors, with small and large pot plants added into the bathroom. Expect feathery ferns, thriving lilies and eye-catching snake plants – anything that flourishes in a warm, humid area.

4. Statement lighting

While home design may still be focused on modernism and simplicity, we’re seeing many designers being more playful things like with statement lighting. While traditionally more common in the kitchen, pendant lighting is now being utilised in the bathroom to add a touch of glamour and achieve a relaxed ambience. 

5. Colourful tiles and metal-toned tapware

In the details department, we’re seeing a move away from white tiles with greens, reds, oranges, browns, teals, greys and blues becoming the colours of choice for clients. Not only do these create a bold look and feel in the bathroom, they’ll help shake off that cold bathroom atmosphere and instead inspire feelings of tranquillity and cosiness.

We’re also seeing changes in tapware choices – chrome and matte are on the out, with brushed nickel, gunmetal, bronze and brass becoming popular choices in 2021. This will give bathroom spaces a more rustic, vintage and homely style.

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