Did you know that wellbeing is strongly linked to the home? Recent studies have found having a clean, spacious and uncluttered home make us feel happier, healthier and motivated, while more cluttered, messy homes leave us feeling dejected and lazy.

Design choices have real tangible effects on our happiness and mood. This idea factors into holistic home design, which considers the effect that design elements have on our overall health. There are many ways you can use to design to create a calm, welcoming and holistic home. Keep reading to hear our top suggestions.


One of the most important elements of a holistic home is colour choice. When deciding on a colour palette you should think about what kind of feelings you want to provoke in different parts of the home. For instance, where in the home do you want to feel inspired, restful or safe?

Natural colours, such as green and blue are calming and make us feel secure. Yellow can help brighten our mood. Reds, oranges and deep browns create cosy spaces for conversation. Bright tones can stimulate brain activity and make us feel more inspired. Employ a colour palette that draws upon these reactions and you’ll create spaces that support your general wellbeing.

Open-plan living and air flow

No one likes the feeling of being stuck in a small, cluttered space; that’s why one of the best ways to create a holistic home is through an open floor plan, with minimal doors and walls between communal areas. A spacious home not only feels more welcoming, but also inspires us to convene with members of the household more regularly.

Open plan living is also better for air flow and just as a stuffy home can make us feel fatigued and discontent, effective air circulation can make a home feel fresh and healthy, leaving us feeling more energetic. Better air flow can also be helped through the addition of large windows that allow fresh air into the home.

Nature and natural light

Is there a better feeling than walking out into the sunshine after a day stuck indoors? Nothing is more restorative. The great news is you can evoke this feeling in your home by flooding your space with plenty of natural light. This can be achieved through large windows placed within the home to maximise your exposure to natural light. In spaces where this may be difficult, we’re seeing more homeowners opt for skylights, which help bring the outdoors into even the smallest of spaces.

Bringing nature into the home can also have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing. You could do this by filling your home with indoors plants; opting for bi-folding windows and doors to bring the outside in; or using natural, recycled materials as fixtures in your home. Simple and sustainable inclusions like these can connect you to nature, providing a sense of calm and wholesomeness.

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