Minimalist designs are becoming increasingly popular in Australian homes and we can see why – there’s nothing worse than coming home to a cluttered, overwhelming home! However, avoiding a messy space isn’t the only benefit of a clean-lined design. Here are just four reasons to consider this style when building your home.

An Excuse to De-Clutter

At its simplest, having less objects means less maintenance! A minimalist design means taking a considered approach to every object that you place in your home – everything from the initial cabinetry and flooring to the final touches. By limiting how much you incorporate in your design, and emphasising a less is more approach, you’ll reduce the need for regular maintenance down the line

Easier to Clean

Generally, a minimalist home features clean lines, smooth surfaces and an emphasis on open-plan spaces. By proxy, this also means your home is easier to clean, as there are less places for dirt to fall. Forget fiddly furnishings and complex surfaces that are difficult to maintain – a minimalist home is designed to be low-fuss.

More for Less

Embracing the minimalist aesthetic means limiting the amount of objects you bring to your home. This has the potential to save you money, as you reduce the number of accents that you may normally purchase. No more pillows, throws or other accessories that you only use for a season and then store away!

Find Your Zen 

Your home is meant to be a space where you can truly turn off, leaving the outside world and all its stressors behind. However, when your home is cluttered and disorganised, it can exacerbate anxious feelings, instead of relieving them.

Therefore, a minimalist home can help induce feelings of calm, giving you the space to de-clutter your mind! Various psychological studies have found that having an organised space can help both your brain and body relax, allowing you to truly enjoy some time away from the stressing elements of your life.

If you’re thinking about a minimalist design for your new home, we can help! Get in touch today to find out more.

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